Monotypes exhibition at the MAG (Montreux Art Gallery), in Montreux (Switzerland) from November 9 to 13, 2022

Laure de Paillerets was born in Paris in 1965. She graduated from "L'Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Paris" and worked as a textile designer for "la Haute Couture" for few years, as well as free lance for textile design illustration as well as style consultant for industry. Since a few years, she dedicates herself to painting and to photography. She exhibited at the art gallery " l'Illusion Vues d'Ailleurs" in Paris, in 2006 (Third Stone), 2007 (Chinese Diaries) and 2011 (Images of a Floating World), in "La Lecture Buissonnière", in Marvejols, France, in 2015 (Aubrac), in "Espace 52", in Saint-Sulpice, Switzerland, in 2017 (Winter Diaries), in Ravenoville (Normandy, France) in august 2020, in may 2021 in Paris, at the gallery LE102 (Foliage) and for the first time her photosgraphies "Images of Cotentin"  in Gatteville-le-phare in august 2021. She illustrated "la troisième pierre (the third stone)", editions du bon Albert, France, and "Fabrique ton poisson-chat (make your own cat-fisch)", Persée editions, France.

She lived in Paris, but also in Montreal, Nantes and is now settled in Lausanne.

" Lights, materials, feelings color in our memory what we lived, the places where we remain, the landscapes which we cross. Journey diaries and photos are my reminders. I try hard to extract the poetic material from it. "